Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google Instant: A new faster search system in real time!!

Internet giant Google today introduced "Google Instant", an enhanced version of its search engine that locates the content defendants as the user enters the terms to search. Google adds innovation and speed thanks to its new search function has been presented Wednesday at a news conference.

With this new feature, the user will not have to complete the search, because the results will appear as you type the text, which saves 2 to 5 seconds per search, and "more than 3,500 million seconds a day and a eleven hours every second "globally, the company said.

This breakthrough was described by the Vice President of Search Products at Google, Marissa Mayer, as a "fundamental change" in how to locate content on the Internet.

The new search system will be available in the U.S. throughout the day today for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and next week will start in domains related to six other countries: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Russia. The company goal is to offer in the coming months this instant service to a greater number of languages and countries.

In addition to automatically predicting the content that appears on the screen without pressing the button "enter", "Google Instant" includes a system of "auto" of terms to help guide users to refine your search.

Google is betting that in a world of nearly instant communication that search is going to have produce an answer just as fast as updates are spat out from Twitter or other real-time Web services. It's a bit chaotic at first and will certainly throw a few searchers off their game as well as make those in the search-engine optimization game a little anxious.

Should it prove popular with users, however, Google Instant is also the type of search innovation that might be difficult for competitors to duplicate in a matter of weeks or even months, giving Google a distinct advantage heading into a new era of Internet search.

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