Friday, April 10, 2009

Accessing the Computer without an Administrative Password

We all eventually forget one password or the other and such a problem can be so irritating and unpredictable that it can make quite a huge impact. The problem is even more serious when we forget the administrative password to anything, especially our operating system. In most cases the regular user will choose to format the hard disk and then re-install the operating system in order to solve this problem and unfortunately, such an action usually means that some data will be lost along the way. Although it can be impossible at times to access the personal computer if the administrative password was loss, there are some actions you can take in some cases. You will basically need the computer (which really needs to have the possibility to support a bootable CD-ROM) and the Windows CD-ROM.

The first step you will need to take is to modify your personal computer’s BIOS in order to allow booting from the Windows CD-Rom. Next you have to insert the CD in the drive and boot up the PC. Just wait and when the "Press any key to boot from CD" message appears just press any key. Now go through the entire step by step process until you get to the setup screen. This is where you will have the option to repair or install the operating system. You will need to choose repair and Windows Setup will then start a check on your system and start copying files. After this you will notice that the PC will re-boot automatically.

The next step will depend on your operating system. You basically need to open a command prompt after the reboot and resume the setup process. If you have Windows 2000 you have to wait until the part where you see that the OS is registering components and press "Shift + F10". If you have Windows XP you will need to press the same key combination when "Installing devices" appears in the left hand side of your screen. Now we will have a command console open and you can gain access to the Control Panel. In Windows 200 you will need to type "control.exe" and in Windows XP "nusrmgr.cpl". Press the "Enter" key and we now have access to the control panel.

Now just used the tools that are provided in order to reset the password and if you are done just close the control panel by typing "Exit" and then pressing "Enter". Now we will need to allow the repair function to complete as usual. When the operating system starts again you can use the new password in order to log in. There are some circumstances in which you will not be able to access your personal computer but these are rare. If this happens we recommend that you take your hard drive and install it on another computer as slave so that you can save every piece of information you need and then format the entire hard drive. Then you will need to re-install the operating system.
By: Adrian Alexa

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do I need to back up my computer?

Even if you've taken precautions to protect your computer from malicious software, other potential dangers could destroy the information it holds. A power surge, lightning strike, hardware failure, or natural disaster could leave you without your important data or the use of your computer.

Backing up your files can help you avert disaster. Backing up is simply making an electronic copy of files and storing that copy in a safe place. If you back up your files regularly, you can retrieve some, if not all, of your information if something happens to the originals on your computer.

Here are some tips for backing up your computer:

* Use an external hard disk, CDs, DVDs, or other storage medium for your backup copies. Or upload data to an Internet-based file storage service. Whatever you do, don't just copy files to another location on your hard disk.

* Label the medium with the date and time of the backup. Don't erase the previous backup until you have made a new one.

* Back up anything you can't replace easily such as financial information, digital photos, music or programs you bought and downloaded from the Web, and school projects. For these types of files, you can simply copy and paste the file into the backup medium.

* If you use an email program that is installed on your computer (such as Microsoft Outlook), back up important email messages and your email address book. Some email programs include an export feature for backing up important data.

* If you're trying to save time or space when backing up your computer, consider backing up only your personal data. Don't copy programs like Microsoft Outlook or your operating system. They can be reinstalled from the original CDs you purchased or the System Restore CDs that came with your computer.

* If you use your computer occasionally, back up your data once a week. If you use your computer every day, a daily backup of the files you use most often or modified that day is a good idea.

* To be sure you've backed up every file, use backup software. You can find a list of backup products in the website. Your operating system may also include backup features.

* Make sure you have a copy of your operating system on a CD for re installation in case your computer's hard drive fails. If your computer shipped without a copy of the operating system, contact the manufacturer for a copy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now you can chat with us on our blog!!

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As part of improving this blog, we have introduced chatting on this blog. You can chat with the administrators as an when they are available. post your questions.. suggestions... or the topics you would like to see on the blog. We will try to answer your questions as possible. We are just waiting for you guys..... Get your doubts clarified on this tech forum....



10 Things You Must Do If You Want To Learn to Attract Men

Most women think that you have to be a supermodel to attract a quality man. This is simply not true. Any woman that can follow ten easy steps can increase her chances of finding a great guy by up to 80%. Here is how:

1. Know What You Want Ahead of Time

Most women are simply embarrassingly grateful if any man asks them out. When you focus on the kind of man that you want you begin to unconsciously send out signals to that type of man that you would like to be approached.

2. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Visualize yourself being approached by the type of man you are interested in. Put as much detail into this image as possible. What will you say? What will you do? Picturing this ahead of time will make sure that you are never at a loss as to what to say.

3. Research Ahead of Time

Are you attracted to jocks? Read up on the type of sports that he may be interested in. Are computer brainiacs more your speed? Go online and learn the basics so that you can have an intelligent conversation with him.

4. Pamper Yourself

Begin preparing for your dream date before you have even been asked out. Start with once a week facials, get a good brand of shampoo and conditioner, and buy an at home manicure set. The more care that you take with your appearance the more likely it is that he will notice you.

5. Gut Your Closet

Go to your closet right now and give away anything that you haven't worn in the last two years. Throw out the shirts and jeans that are falling apart or that are so faded that you can barely tell what color they are. And get some good sturdy hangers to hang your clothes on. Finally budget some money to get a few key pieces to complete what is left of your wardrobe.

6. Take Five Minutes More with Your Appearance

Apply a little lip gloss and mascara. You don't have to throw on the full war paint, especially during the day. But when you take the extra time on your appearance you will inevitably look and feel more attractive. Your confidence will go up and you will be less likely to focus on all of your so called "negative" qualities.

7. Make an Extra Effort to Meet His Eyes

Most women look down when a man approaches, even if he is simply walking by. Be different. Meet his gaze and hold it for a second or two when you pass. Then give a slight nod. This will definitely get his attention.

8. Smile for Goodness Sake

Smiling has been known to take at least ten years off of your appearance and studies show that a smiling woman is more attractive to men than one who doesn't smile. Plus it lets him know that you are open to his approach.

9. Practice Flirting

Don't be a tease but some light hearted flirting never hurt anyone. It will help you practice for the guys that you truly want to date and it will make your first few practice guys feel good. Just be careful not to overdue it.

10. Get Out of the House

You may be the most beautiful woman in the world but no one will ever notice if you choose to lock yourself in the house every weekend and week night. Go out. Join clubs. Go to bookstores. Smile at men in cafes. Be active and out there. Give men the opportunity to approach you and appreciate you.
By: Caterina Christakos

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zero Day Security Hole in Windows 7

360 security centers have reported that they have detected a severe kernel security hole in Windows 7 RC last Thursday.

This security finding is tagged as the first Zero Day hole since the public test of Windows 7.
The security centers of 360 security, the biggest free security platform in China, has found the vulnerability on Windows 7 and has reported accordingly to Microsoft China. The company has received the confirmation on the security information delivered, and they are still waiting for the official announcement from the software giant.

The security problem results in blue screens whenever a windows is opened or closed. The blue screen is caused by incompatible codes between the old codes from Windows 3.1 and Windows 7 codes.

The hole in Windows 7 would allow attackers to invade the system followed by another attack.
Make sure your Windows 7 box is updating automatically as Microsoft would immediately release security updates after they have confirmed it’s existence.

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