Saturday, September 4, 2010

Apple and Google are preparing to bring the Internet to television

After years of timid attempts, technology companies have decided to bet heavily on the integration of the Internet on television with the launch this fall in the U.S. of novel devices to interact with the "idiot box."

The updated Apple TV, which was filed this week, we must add the anticipated sale of products Revue Google adapter-TV- or its competitor Boxee Box, expected a market still looking for an efficient way to spread the liability viewer restless spirit of the Internet.
To date, those wishing to enjoy Web content while watching TV they have done acquiring some of the faces flat screens with Internet applications or purchasing devices that are a bridge between the two universes as XR Roku, Tivo or Apple TV. However, none of these devices can freely surf the Internet and are limited to providing access to a number of content such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook or channels rental of films and series such as Netflix and Amazon VoD.

Aims to fill a void that Google with its Google TV service will be available built into Sony TVs or via modem Reveu box manufactured by Logitech, whose estimated price could be around $ 200.

Google TV platform, and includes the above applications, is designed to surf the Web from your TV using Google Chrome as if they used a computer, follow the same philosophy as creators of Boxee, a software to watch series and movies Internet, which developed the Boxee Box. That device, valued at $ 199 and is slated for release in November, which will be announced as the largest set of applications for viewing content available on the Internet, also serve to surf the Internet.

The new Apple TV filed Wednesday by the company CEO, Steve Jobs, will seek another approach is less ambitious in terms of interaction, but more simple and economic management, $ 99. The device will hit U.S. stores in October with the idea of becoming a home video store with competitive rates and access to some Internet applications, an offer similar to that currently includes Roku XR, which moves in the same strip of price.

A matter of time to know what vision ends up convincing the viewer, the most interactive Google or Apple the most practical of a commercial pulse is called upon to modify more or less the way television is consumed. Amazon also announced its jump to this growing sector.

Key players in this technology race are content providers, mainly the large television networks and Hollywood studios, which since the advent of the Internet have seen a loss of income, especially in DVD sales, a business area would suffer even more.

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