Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Things to know about phishing…

Phishing is like fishing personal details…

Phishing is a new way of getting personal information through fake pages which is most similar to the original page. The victim will enter his/her personal information on the fake page and will end up in big loss like identity theft money loss etc.

How to identify Phishing pages?

There are several ways to identify the fake pages.

1. First and for most is to upgrade your browser to the latest one which the service provider offers. Internet Explorer version 7 has the in built capacity to identify the fake page. If you happened to logging to a fake page, the browser will give you a warning message stating that it may be a phishing attempt.

2. Look into the address bar properly.If you check your address bar you will come to know whether it is a fake page or an original page. Fake page will not have the correct site address that you tried to log in. The fake pages are normally hosted from a free site hosting pages which will be mentioned in the address bar. But little more advanced hackers will host a website which has the address similar to the targeted site. So it is always better to type in the address of the site to which you have to take a look.

3. Don’t follow the links which is in an Email.You should never follow a link in an Email send to you. Always remember that hackers use email as a medium to carry their fake pages to their victims. You may find some wonderful offer from your bank or from your Email provider. Never click the link that contained in that email. Because we may not know, if it is a fake page. If you are interested in the add type the address of the site in the address bar and navigate through your site to see if an offer is made by them. If yes apply for that with confident.

4. Don’t provide personal information.Never provide your personal information in any of the social networking sites. Hackers normally target those sites to collect the contact of their victims.

So beware of phishers and be safe always…

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