Friday, December 12, 2008

Fixing Registry?, Here are the tips!

If you are forced to fix registry errors (nobody does it by choice) and you have questions about what to look for in an effective product and the steps to completing the repair, this article will shed some light on the issue.

If you have questions running through your mind like: Will the software I choose do the job right? Am I getting the best product for the price? What features should a good product have? Can I get the support I need? Is the software too complicated? Is the software making up errors during the free scan to get me to purchase?

Each of the above questions raises real concerns when you are trying to narrow your choices of products to trust. There are so many products and biased reviews and the average person experiences stress just thinking about the decision to be made. It does not need to be a chore for you.

If you are just ready to take control of the issue and fix the errors right now, the one product we reviewed that stands out compared to the others is called Registry Easy. The number of features and the effectiveness for the price cannot be beat.

Step One: Ensure that the Registry is The Problem

The good news is that the registry needs maintaining over time anyway, so you cannot lose by downloading software now. If you are concerned whether or not registry software is a worthwhile investment, my opinion is definitely yes. Whether you are trying to fix registry errors or only trying to keep the registry running efficiently, it is worth keeping software on your PC to use throughout the year.

If you need to fix registry errors but want to ensure that the registry is indeed the problem, the following symptoms are common to needing registry repair: your computer is slow or has delayed response times, you are having problems adding or removing programs, rebooting is becoming common practice, or you have tried virus or spyware scans and repairs and the problems still exist. Additional symptoms may include the computer freezing or crashing, getting the Blue Screen of Death (blue screen with white writing), or you are having challenges launching software programs on your PC.

Step Two: Download and Initiate a Free Scan

One nice feature of most software products of this type is that you can download and use the scanning features for free before having to pay to fix the registry errors. You can also download multiple programs to see how the scanning results vary before choosing one to repair the computer with. You can choose one and pay to fix the problem after comparing.

Also make sure that you understand each of the scan and optimization features. The good programs have a full explanation included about what each feature does. Look for an automatic backup of files, optimization to registry and Internet Explorer, good support files, evidence and junk file cleaners, and the ease of use of the software and scan processes.

Step Three: Invest the Money and Get the Errors Fixed

If errors are discovered by the free scan, you can either try another or you can just get the problem fixed and pay for the repair element of the software.

The repair function of the software is the easiest part of the entire repair process. The download and the scan take the longest and then once you purchase the repair element of the product, the errors are fixed in just seconds.

Step Four: Restart Computer and Ensure Changes Applied

Once you fix registry errors, restart your computer to allow the changes to be saved. You should see a huge difference in the reboot and the operational efficiency of your PC once your computer starts up.

It can be a good idea to also run the scan again to ensure that the software repaired the problems the first time around. You can even use other free downloads to see if any additional errors are detected.

Once you fix registry errors, the process isn’t over. Be sure to use the software at least once a week or so to maintain the results that you just accomplished. The registry is constantly getting bloated and maintenance is always a great idea. The good programs will give you a one year license of the software for the price. Others give a discount for multiple computers on the license.

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