Monday, August 10, 2009

Was Google Earth Search Engine Hacked? Google says it's a 'mistake'!

Search engine Google has admitted its "mistake" of wrong depiction of certain areas of Arunachal Pradesh (Part of India) as parts of China and said its maps would be rectified shortly.

"Earlier, this week, as part of routine update to Google Earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data," a spokesperson for the search giant said in a statement.

The spokesperson was reacting after a media report which highlighted that Google maps showed certain areas of Arunachal Pradesh (south sharing border with Assam and North sharing border with China) outlined with a dotted line while its borders with Bhutan and Burma are shown in a continuous line. The media report had raised suspicion about the search engine being hacked by Chinese considering that Beijing has been laying claim over entire Arunachal Pradesh, which India rejects.

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