Thursday, February 26, 2009

How do I safeguard my password?

Choosing a strong password is just one part of protecting your online account. You should also follow these tips to keep it safe:

* Your ID and password are confidential information. No one will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call or email. Do not respond to any message that asks for your password.

* Do not write your password down. If you must write it down, keep it safe away in a place only you can access. Treat it as if it were cash.

* Change your password if you suspect something is amiss. Change your passwords frequently to keep it much more safer.

* Verify your online account information. From time to time, make sure your information is accurate and that no one has changed your data. If you suspect someone knows the answer to your secret question and any other information asked on the Sign-In Problems page, change them as soon as possible.

* Use care with automatic sign-in. If you check Remember my ID on this computer when you sign in to online account, you're still signed in even after you close your browser.

This feature can be a convenience for you: When you return to the online account, you don't have to re-enter your password. (If you're away from your computer for a while, you may be asked to re-enter your password.)

Do not check the Remember my ID on this computer box if you use a shared computer.

To change the setting of this feature, click the Sign out link on your online account page, and then sign in again, but do not check the Remember my ID box.

* Read the fine print. Before saving your password on any browser, plug-in, or program, thoroughly read the security documentation for that program or service. Depending on the program, your passwords may be available to anyone who uses that computer.

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