Thursday, January 15, 2009

Live Event Video Streaming is the Next Big Thing!

The internet has become the most important invention of the modern era! You would think it's the automobile, television, ultrasound or even the space shuttle. No, it's the internet! More people surf the internet in more countries then actually own automobiles. It used to be that the popular discussion was how may televisions the average family owned but now its how many computers. It's no wonder that a large portion of the job sector has gone to the internet over the last fifteen years and it's no wonder that every person on the planet has secrete dreams of becoming the next big thing on the internet.

Countless people have been able to develop loyal fan followings on social networking sites like you tube like a certain obsessed Brittany Spears fan! He was able to obtain is several minutes of fame and even secured a reality series on cable television. The new lead singer of Journey was observed by the band on MySpace and was immediately thrust into the spotlight as the group's new lead singer. In the era of unedited news that gets delivered at record setting pace it's no wonder that everywhere you look you'll find someone willing to step into the shining light of fame.

So you want to be that person? MySpace is played out and you don't feel like learning "The flight of the wounded bumble bee" on guitar to show the Youtube world that you are the next Nuno Bettencourt? Instead of going the route of "over played police chase" save yourself a few years of prison time and figure out how to maximize live event video streaming. This is the wave of the future. As "reality" gets put back into the hands of real people and artists take control of their creative outlets from the historically narrow-minded and greedy promoters you're going to find that live event video streaming will become the must have medium on the internet.

Rock bands have already begun to use closed circuit broadcasting to share their live concerts to people around the world and the NFL has successfully broadcasted their games via live stream to theaters in several cities. The wave of the future is already here and it's time for you to figure out how to use it to find your place in internet history!

It won't be long before you turn on your computer and see banner ads for live concerts, television and historical events that will be broadcast in high definition right to your computer. It's up to you to find the creative source to make your mark. Once it becomes the must have item there is little chance you'll be able to ride the wave to the bank and then you'll be left looking for the next big thing.

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