Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Setting Up A Blog??? Here Is The Help!!!

A blog is a term that is short for weblog. A weblog is kind of like an online journal in which you frequently update with valuable content that you believe will benefit your readers. A blog usually takes on the personality of its author, which can prove to be a valuable aspect for developing relationships with your readers. If they like your content, they probably like you and at some point may become very interested in your business and/or product.

A blogger is the individual who runs and operates a blog and blogging is then defined as the action of consistently writing posts for a blog.

Setting up your own blog adds a great deal of credibility to you and your business. If you are going to run your network marketing business online, you must have an online presence.

Here are some common characteristics of a blog:

1. A post (the written piece of information) usually has a heading, much like you would find in a newspaper article. When writing your heading, you will want to take great advantage of the keywords you are going for to get good search engine optimization.

2. A post contains a body or subject of information. This is where you express your thoughts and ideas. My blog contains the articles I submit to various submission sites. Your blog could also contain videos or even photos or artwork. The sky is the limit.

3. Most blogs will provide the capability of having someone comment on your post. This is where you can really begin a relationship with someone based on your like ability and trust.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with 3 benefits of blogging:

1. A blog helps you gain recognition. Blogging will give you a broader base for finding people and put your thoughts across the world.

2. A blog could eventually lead to sales. If you are a business man/women, you can blog about your products or services. The Internet gives the online network marketer the world. That's a pretty good list!

3. Search engines like blogs because they are regularly updated. As a result, the more you pay attention to your blog, the more business you can create.

This was just a little appetizer on blogging. But hopefully it was enough for you to want to find out more.

All the Best! To Your Success!

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